Venetian Blinds 15 mm mini with knob


in painted extruded aluminium 20 x 20 mm. Available in 16 RAL colours (with transparent plastic caps) with self-lubricating, low friction acetate accessories

Bottom rail

in painted extruded aluminium 15 x 9 mm., with transparent plastic side caps, available in 16 RAL colours


15 mm. fire-coated slats of 0,20 mm. thickness. Available in 64 colours. The origin of slats is European only

Ladder cord

heat fastened 100% polyester terylene with anti-U.V. treatment, and high-tenacity yarn. (Step of 1,2 cm. provides a better closure of the blind through the use of a greater number of slats)

Lift cords

with 100% polyester cord diam. 1,4 mm. with internal core. (The cord stop has 5 separators to prevent cords hanging and allow a better locking)


with brass knob painted black or grey on end of the headrail; this knob takes the place of the wand and, when turned manually, the slats tilt


standard with hidden ceiling support (with lever to facilitate the unhooking), wall/ceiling support available upon request


in perlon diam. 1,2 mm. complete with fixing accessories

Bracket for guide

with ceiling bracket it is supplied a flat bracket with clamp (standard zinc-coated silver or black on demand) complete with bracket cover available in white, grey, ivory, light brown and dark brown (to specify on order form).

With wall/ceiling bracket it is supplied the "L" bracket with clamp (standard zinc-coated silver or black on demand)


To shorten the cords, such as in the presence of children, it is supplied a transparent tassel that covers the cut-level node and a hook where you can collect the rope once the blind is packed






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