Venetian Blinds 25 mm Confort


in painted steel 25 x 25 mm. (with plastic caps in the same colour) and with self-lubricating, low friction acetate accessories

Bottom rail

in painted steel 20 x 10 mm. with plastic side caps in the same colour


25 mm. fire-coated slats of 0,20 mm. thickness. Available in 75 colours. The holes are positioned in the outer edge of the slat. When the venetian is closed each slat covers the hole of slat below and the light does not enter inside the room. The origin of slats is European only

Ladder cord

heat fastened 100% polyester terylene with anti-U.V. treatment, and high-tenacity yarn

Lift cords

with 100% polyester cord diam. 1,4 mm. with internal core. (The cord stop has 6 separators to prevent cords hanging and allow a better locking)


with stiff PVC tilt wand, the rotation system is made of transparent thermoplastic material and has a worm screw mechanism that incorporates a friction connection. The particular material used for the tilt wand allows to short it without using a crimping plier, just by bending at the same point several times

On demand, tilting and raising can happen through motor 24V (stop run already set)


standard with wall/ceiling support, ceiling support available upon request


side guiding cables not suggested. If necessary ask for the fix bottom profile


To shorten the cords, such as in the presence of children, it is supplied a transparent tassel that covers the cut-level node and a hook where you can collect the rope once the blind is packed


For the large blinds, before placing the order, please verify that you use mostly in tilting because they are very heavy. Contrary if they are raised often, you should split them in order to facilitate handling and extend the life of the cords









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